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Shovelheads, Evo, SSW, SSW+, B1 and B2 castings. MEGAFLO prepared S&S cylinder heads are well proven on the street and at the track with a level of experience and detail that few can match. As an authorized dealer for over 20 years you can purchase your S&S castings or other components here and follow up with full prep work to whatever extent that you wish. MEGAFLO can be your "silver bullet" to stay ahead of the crate engine pack.


S&S "B1" and "B2" full race prep is available in a wide verity of custom configurations primarily for all out race applications. Pictured are 4.375 bore pattern for a 140 inch competition engine. Typical prices are in the 750-1200 dollar range (labor only, customer supplied castings).

MEGAFLO "port packages" for the SSW 3 5/8" and 4" bore patterns and SSW+ castings through 4 1/8" bore have been available since these heads hit the market. Developed for high performance street use, typical flow increases are 15 to 20%+ depending on the particular base casting and level of modification work performed. Real power increases with easy bolt-on capabilities and reasonable prices makes this a popular step for crate engine owners..











Complete modifications for all S&S carbs proven in competition to work! Vent and air bleed mods, venturi boring, Thunderjet installs.

MEGAFLO developed IPS billet competition filter for super E and G. Available in raw aluminum finish only. Pictured is professional polish by Albert's Chrome.


Other S&S internal components available to complete your build. Pushrods, roller rockers, gear drive cam sets, lifters and more!  

Before/after IPS filter on Stock  Super G equipped 124".

New S&S Shovelheads are available outright, equipped with MEGAFLO ProPrep II at discounted rates. The ProPrep II consists of improved valve seat geometry, chamber correction cuts with complete port and chamber blending to enhance mid and upper lift flow rates. Available for stock, 3.625 or 3.812 bore sizes and with single or dual plug machining (special order) and outside oil returns (special order). Theses Top quality assemblies are 100% USA made with the MEGAFLO touch!

Expert porting and performance modification work for high performance street use is also available to customer supplied castings.